Accreditation is a process through which we endeavour to advance and improve our Management Systems,  through achieving Industry standard regulatory requirements. This illustrates our dedication and commitment to progression and enhanced performance.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, half the world’s Forests have already been altered, degraded, destroyed or converted into other land uses. Much of the remaining Forestry today suffers from illegal exploitation and poor management.

The Forest Stewardship Council® was created to develop a system that could credibly identify well managed Forests as the source of responsibly produced wood products, as a response to concerns over global deforestation. FSC® is a Non-Governmental Independent and International Forest Certification Scheme, which works to improve Forest Management Worldwide by connecting Forests with end users and influencing how Forests Worldwide are managed.

FSC® certification complies with the highest Social and Environmental standards on the market and will offer NBJ’s Clients the ability to choose products from Socially and Environmentally responsible Forestry. Clients have the option of selecting FSC® Certified Joinery secure in the knowledge that they are not contributing to the destruction of the worlds Forests

NBJ successfully achieved FSC® Chain of Custody certification from BM Trada and are committed to compliance with the requirements of FSC® standards FSC-STD50-001 (Version 1.2) EN and FSC-STD40-004 (version 2.1) for the purchase, processing (including outsourcing), storage sales and distribution of certified bespoke joinery products.

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The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ is an International non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable Forest Management through Independent Third Party Certification, and provides an assurance mechanism to clients of timber products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

PEFC™ is an umbrella organisation that recognises and endorses credible National Forest Certification Systems, reflecting Individual National contexts and specific ecological, social and environmental conditions, which can differ between countries.

NBJ achieved PEFC™ Chain of Custody certification enabling us to provide evidence that timber and timber products used in PEFC™ certified Joinery, is sourced from responsibly managed Forests.

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The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is an established market leader for Health and Safety pre-qualification in the UK. CHAS assesses Health and Safety for suppliers to save time and resources by avoiding unnecessary duplication in the first stage of competence assessment with the objective of improving Health and Safety standards across Great Britain. CHAS is not only the largest but the fastest growing Health and Safety Assessment Scheme in the UK.

NBJ are pleased to become CHAS Accredited to enable us to assure our clients of our absolute commitment to excellent Health and Safety Standards throughout the Company.

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Chiltern International Fire provide independent, UKAS accredited testing services together with assessment services for doors, windows and fire-rated products. At their extensive testing facility, they undertake fire resistance testing, reaction to fire testing, security, durability and weather testing, and acoustic testing to British, European and International standards.

NBJ has extensive test evidence for certified fire rated doors both to FD30 and FD60. This test evidence has been gained in conjunction with both research and development at Chiltern International Fire, which is a division of TRADA, and all our testing is covered under reference Chiltern/A03073 Revision C-BS476 Part 22.

Not only do we have test evidence for panelled and bespoke fire doors, we also have an extensive range of evidence for timber glazed fire screens once again both to 30 and 60 minute ratings.

NBJ are members of TRADA to ensure we have access to the most up to date resources available on all timbers and wood products, to guarantee our clients that we are operating at the highest possible level , with regard to information on individual specifications.

Clients can be assured that if required, NBJ can manufacture bespoke doors and screens to the required fire safety standards.

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The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) – is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products.

TRADA is a company limited by guarantee and not-for-profit membership-based organisation which aims to provide members with the highest quality information on timber and wood products to enable them to maximise the benefits that timber can provide.. TRADA’s origins go back over 70 years and its name is synonymous with independence and authority. Its position in the industry is unique with a diverse membership encompassing companies and individuals from around the world and across the entire wood supply chain, from producers, merchants and manufacturers, to architects, engineers and end users.

TRADA seek to achieve this aim through active and on-going programmes of information and research. Information is provided through this website, an extensive collection of printed materials and our training courses.

NBJ are members of TRADA to ensure we have access to the most up to date resources available on all timbers and wood products, to guarantee our clients that we are operating at the highest possible level , with regard to information on individual specifications.

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